De sociale achtergrond van de lokale politieke elite in Vlaanderen 1946-1988

  • Herwig Reynaert


From the analysis of the social background of the local elected people in Flanders during the period 1946-1988 one can conclude that there are barriers for women, lower social classes and certain age categories preventing them from moving up the local political elite. The democratization process of the Flemish local political elite bas not yet made much progress. It appears from the fact that men are more numerous in political fonctions, that the distribution among the various professional categories strongly deviates from the general social stratification and from the conclusion that certain age categories are clearly dominant. It is however clear that the composition of the elites neverfully reflect society as a whole. On the other hand, the important fact is that the differences cannot be reduced to smaller variances which inevitably go together with any representative system.

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Reynaert, H., (1997) “De sociale achtergrond van de lokale politieke elite in Vlaanderen 1946-1988”, Res Publica 39(1), p.45-62. doi:

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Published on
30 Mar 1997
Peer Reviewed