Veiligheid en lokale politie

  • Jef Gabriëls


The local security policy aims at improving the quality of life and the security ofthe local community, based on the expectations of that community. One ofthe instruments for the local authorities to reach this aim is the local police force's assistance.  Police strategies exist on the levels ofprevention, intervention, tracing of criminals, preservation of the public order, victim treatment and neighbourhood development.  Sense of responsibility in the field, job rotation and smooth internal communication act quite stimulatingly, both in the community-aimed first-line care and in public assistance.  The changing police structure in Belgium through which the state police are allowed to take up basis police tasks produced a number of bottlenecks as well as
a number of opportunities.
Municipalities play a major role in matters of public order and security in which the municipal police occupy a central place. Fluid cooperation between the major and the corps commander in a permanently innovating structure will certainly lead to a thorough and excellent community policing

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Published on
30 Mar 1997
Peer Reviewed