Subsidiariteit in de EU en verder

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This introductory article sketches the problématique of this special issue on 'Subsidiarity in the European Union and beyond'. lt starts with a short historical overview of the origins, meanings and implementation of the subsidiarity principle within the EU. Subsequently, it problematizes the concept and application of subsidiarity in a multilevel governance context by examining two fundamental characteristics of this essentially contested concept that render it fascinating to study: its complexity and power-relevance. The relatively new concept of global subsidiarity is briefly discussed to situate the intra-EU discussion in a wider context. This introduction ends by discussing some of the findings of the special issue's two substantial articles - that both deal with policy topics in which different competence regimes meet - in light of the subsidiarity problématique.


How to Cite: De Ville, F. & Loisen, J. (2012) “Subsidiariteit in de EU en verder”, Res Publica. 54(1).