Het recente beleid inzake de audiovisuele media in België



During recent years, the audiovisual landscape in Belgium has been going through a number of drastic changes.
The monopoly of the public broadcasting system, standing for over 40 years, was breached. Several hundreds of private radio stations, two new commercial television stations and a number of private local television stations saw the light.  The advent of all these newcomers has created a competitive media system. The
rivalry between the public broadcasting companies and the commercial stations is very severe and unfortunately the PBS are imitating the commercial model: they sacrifice more time for fiction and entertainment. Moreover, the Belgian media policy is very permissive and favours commercialisation.


How to Cite: De Bens, E. (1990) “Het recente beleid inzake de audiovisuele media in België”, Res Publica. 32(2-3). doi: