De autonome keuze van de parlementsleden door de kiezers : Een quasi-experiment

  • Wilfried Dewachter


The Belgian electorate has the possibility not only to decide on the number of seats for the different parties, but also to appoint the members of parliament. By making insufficient use of the preferential vote, the electorale however denies itself the power to choose members of parliament. In a quasi-experiment the difference in the selection of members by the political parties and by the electorale is examined for the period 1949-1987. The Difference is small, tending to lower the more the electorate use the preferential vote, which is the key to that autonomous selection. A puzzling result, which can be understood taking into account that the growth of the preferential vote is nearly exclusively given to or attrackted by the candidates leading the party lists. A striking illustration of the difficult emancipation of the electorate.

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Dewachter, W., (1988) “De autonome keuze van de parlementsleden door de kiezers : Een quasi-experiment”, Res Publica 30(1), p.83-98. doi:

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Published on
30 Mar 1988
Peer Reviewed