De samenstelling van de kandidatenlijsten in de Vlaamse partijen

  • Jan Ceuleers
  • Lieven De Winter


This paper describes the common techniques used in the constitution of candidates-lists for parliamentary elections. A common feature of these techniques is the consultation of party members. But the way in which this is done differs among the parties. AGALEV, the ecologist party, offers every member the possibility to have his say about every candidate.  The socialist party (SP) uses this system in two constituencies ; in the other constituencies a special congress decides. The christiandemocrats (CVP), the liberals (PVV) and the Flemish nationalists(VOLKSUNIE) constitute their lists by indirect vote : the leadership performs a first selection and the members then either approve or disapprove of this choice.
Our research indicates that there are no essential differences between these two techniques from the point of view of membership participation.
In both the ecologist and the socialist party the majority of members does not participate in the candidates-elections. Therefore, as with the indirect vote, candidates-lists are constituted by an active, militant and elitist group of members.  Whatever the technique used the infl,uence of the rank-and-file-member is small.

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Ceuleers, J. & De Winter, L., (1986) “De samenstelling van de kandidatenlijsten in de Vlaamse partijen”, Res Publica 28(2), 197-212. doi:

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Published on
29 Jun 1986
Peer Reviewed