Politieke statistiek in België : Oproep bij het einde van 170 jaar België

  • Wilfried Dewachter


The great promises that "Statistik" yielded in the 19th century in Belgium, did  not materialise. At least as far as political statistics are concerned. In the second half of the 20th century the output was rather limited and thus very incomplete, not very professionally conceived and elaborated, disorderly provided, strongly related to an outrunned institutional approach and thus quite conservative in its orientation, veiled in inaccurate categories with the static view rather dominant. Therefore, starting from a global approach of the 3 P's (=polity, politics and policy), a rebuilding is necessary. This should provide for an inventory of existing statistical data and -above all -a masterplan to achieve a straightforward view on the 3 P's in Belgium: polity, politics and policy. A polyarchy has the right and the need to in depth information that is as complete as feasible. Statistics are very handy tools to provide this information to both policymakers and citizens.

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Dewachter, W., (2000) “Politieke statistiek in België : Oproep bij het einde van 170 jaar België ”, Res Publica 42(2-3), p.379-389. doi:

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Published on
29 Sep 2000
Peer Reviewed