L'expérience de Liège

  • Jean-Pierre Digneffe


The consolidation in Liège has gone well. All the groups of the municipal council were in agreement about this in December 1977. The services have been maintained and social activities have been developed and generalized for the benefit of the population. The officials of the amalgamated municipalities were able to find posts corresponding to their wishes. The complexity of the structure, however, remains a handicap.  Because of the technocratic conception and an egalitarian administration, the consolidation has put some restrictions on the newly formed entities. The spontaneous and natural human and social relations in the farmer small and medium-sized entities had to be  reconstructed by expensive means. But the new Liège exists, and it has the wilt to survive and to overcome its financial difficulties. It has engaged itself in the reconstruction of its administration with the intention of defending and developing its
role as regional capital.

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Published on
30 Dec 1982
Peer Reviewed