De fusie-ervaringen in een kleinstedelijk centrum : Bree

  • Jaak Gabriëls


The amalgamation in the small urban centre, for which Bree is chosen as an example, may be considered to have been a success partially because a number of general  principles with respect to the amalgamation operation were respected. The socio-cultural differences existing between the submunicipalities could be bridged, which was not the case with other amalgamations. The municipal policy rests to a large extent on the concept of decentralisation and the participation of the citizen. Decentralisation was made concrete both with regard to the provision of services and with regard to the investments in the various centres. The participation of the citizen was implemented by hearings held systematically in the residential areas. The amount of personnel was reduced slightly in spite of the increased municipal tasks. This reduction was made possible by greater efficiency in the use of personnel and by better equipment. Financially, the municipality is having no difficulties, the budget is balanced, and the
accounts show a surplus.

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Gabriëls, J., (1982) “De fusie-ervaringen in een kleinstedelijk centrum : Bree”, Res Publica 24(3-4), 683-687. doi:

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Published on
30 Dec 1982
Peer Reviewed