De electronische media in het Belgisch parlement

  • Jan Ceuleers


During the last two years Belgian television has broadcast five parliamentary debates in full and live. They were either the first appearance of a new government or important government declarations. These broadcasts were encouraged by the president of the Lower House, who hoped to familiarize a large part of the electorate with the work of its members.
Audience research has shown however that interest is low and is decreasing.  On the other hand, cameras have definitely influenced members' conduct : they attuned their appearances to the television audience, in tone, in wording and in argumentation. Sessions were also drastically prolonged.
Conclusion : neither the broadcasting authority nor parliament have any interest in the live and full broadcasting of parliamentary debates.  It is much to be preferred to limit them to a summary, put in an appropriate context in a special program.

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Published on
30 Dec 1979
Peer Reviewed