De werkzaamheden van de staatscommissie voor ethische problemen



The article attempts to describe the constitution, the methods of work and the conclusions of the Commission of State for Ethical Problems in Belgium.
This Commission was requested by the Government to study the problems of family-planning, of anonymity of the mother and of abortion. The Commission was composed by 25 members telling 11 doctors, 1 chemist, 1 biologist, 1 sociologist and 11 doctors in law.  Two reports were presented to the Government: one signed by 13 members and one signed by 12 members. The author, who was member of the group of the 13 gives her opinion about all the activities of the Commission.


How to Cite: Verrycken, M. (1977) “De werkzaamheden van de staatscommissie voor ethische problemen”, Res Publica. 19(2). doi: