Les problèmes de l'énergie et le rapport de la Commission des Sages



The author discusses the position of coat in the energetic future of Belgium.
The report of the «Commission des Sages» has carefully studied only the problem of the applications of nuclear energy.
During the next century, the energy of all origins wilt be used.  The future must not be mortgaged by putting forward solutions which bring only marginal contributions.
The actual reserves of coat in Belgium and in the world are enormous. In 2000, only 2 % of these reserves wilt be consumed.
There is enough coat in the world to cover the energetic needs during several centuries.
The use of Belgian or imported coat to produce electricity induces to study simultaneously the development of a modern carbochemistry which will progressively replace petroleum and gas by the manufacture of substituted gas and motor fuel.
Methanol is the car motor-fuel for the future. Coat underground pressurised gasification shows interesting views for the upgrading of deep seams and of those who are not exploitable because of their small thickness.
A sequence based on the production of electricity from high volatile coat, previously distilled at low temperature is proposed. This sequence allows a progressive and immediate development of a carbochemical industry in Belgium without important investments.


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