Problemen en oplossingen voor het aktuele beleid

  • Wilfried Dewachter


According to an opinion poll which was carried out in the middle of 1975 with a representative sample of Belgian citizens, the problems which most imposed themselves about that time were economie problems, viz.
inflation and employment. These two problems were perceived as the most pressing by the more active part of the population as well. However, the solutions that citizens favour for a broad range of problems are not logically consistent, and demonstrate that many citizens have but very little insight in the problems' structure. Yet, those who do feel more concerned, generally favour the same solutions as does the average citizen ; there is no polarization to be noticed.
Considerable differences are brought forward by splitting up the results in two main regions : Flanders vs. Wallonia. The ethnic and linguistic difference appears to be also a political difference as far as problem-solving is concerned. The type of solutions citizens favour also shows that the stereotype «conservative Flanders» vs. «progressist Wallonia» is not valid any longer.

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Published on
30 Dec 1975
Peer Reviewed