La responsabilité politique des ministres devant les conseils culturels

  • René Gérain


The revision of the Constitution in 1970 changed the so far unitary Belgium into a state made of four regions and three communities : the French, the Flemish and the German one.
Specific organs guarantee their working: the «cultural councils». The French and the Flemish councils legislate by «decree».
The Chambers vote the credit total allowed to each council, which, in its turn, by decree, appropriates that sum.
The minister is responsable for the sanction, the promulgation and the execution of the decree. Y et, he has not to account for it before the council.
Does it mean that there exists no political responsability before the cultural councils ? We do consider that this responsability is equivalent to the responsability that prevails before the Chambers and that the Constitution recognizes expressively and implicity the right to incriminate the minister, even to compel him to resign, if he has lost the cultural council's confidence.

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Published on
30 Mar 1975
Peer Reviewed