Secularisatie en verzuiling in de Belgische politiek

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Sociological research in three Catholic «pillar» organizations (the Catholic school system, the Christian hospitals and the Catholic University) indicates that secularization is not followed by a «de-pillarization» or crumbling of the Catholic pillar. Our explanation suggests a process of secularization within the Catholic organizations, with as main components : the development of a social-cultural christianity - which may be considered a secular surrogate for church-religion -, and professionalization by which the christian organizations provide a milieu which ensures job security and social advancement for its loyal members. Thanks to its informal and formal ties with the Christian pillar organizations, the CVP acts on both components, by stressing a specific identity and by defining the interests of the pillar organizations.  This explanation may indicate some major aspects of the ties between sociological Catholics and «their» political party - a bond which is certainly not being affected by the secularization processes, rather the contrary is occurring.


How to Cite: Billiet, J. , Creyf, R. & Dobbelaere, K. (1978) “Secularisatie en verzuiling in de Belgische politiek”, Res Publica. 20(3). doi: