Karakterkomedie of karikatuur? Een studie van Menanders Dyscolus

  • Karen Haegemans


Many of Menander's plays were inspired by themes that can be traced
back to Aristotle's ethica) theories. The Dyscolus or Misanthrope is
obviously based on mora! concepts, more specifically on δυσκολια (or
μισανθρωπια) and φιλανθρωπια, notions that Aristotle elaborated on in
his Nicomachean Ethics. In this comedy Menander tries to paint a
picture of a misanthrope without oversimplifying or exaggerating too
much. He gives him a place in a society - be it the artificial society of
the stage. Also the other characters, representing different shades of
misanthropy or philanthropy, arouse the interest of the audience. Far
from presenting them as real people, the playwright still succeeds in
making both the grouch and his antagonists transcend the level of the
caricature and in creating a true character comedy.

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Published on
15 Dec 2001
Peer Reviewed