De informatiedrager als informant: digitale tekstcorpora



This paper discusses the advantages of encoded digital text over printed text,
from a researcher's perspective. The traditional notion of text corpus as a well-considered
collection of texts is related to the huge amounts of digital texts
that are currently available on the web. After examples of useful digitalization
initiatives and available digital resources, information is given about the users
and uses of the text corpora stored at the lnstitute for Dutch Lexicology.
Attention is paid to some obstacles in building or using text collections. The
conclusion is that up till now the digital medium primarily facilitates research
rather than evokes new linguistic research questions.


How to Cite: Kruyt, T. (2006) “De informatiedrager als informant: digitale tekstcorpora”, Handelingen - Koninklijke Zuid-Nederlandse maatschappij voor taal- en letterkunde en geschiedenis. 60(0). doi: