De Night-trilogie: trauma en de problematiek van representatie



In his Night trilogy, renowned Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel assembled his first literary
artifacts concerning the trauma that drastically affected both his personal life and the
course of history. Strikingly, the disruptive nature of the trauma that is at its core is
reflected in the form: that which has deeply unsettled the author, unsettles the narrative
structures he employs as well. While the vast majority of literature on the subject is limited
to an analysis of the individual texts, I aim to prove that Night, Dawn and Day should
be read together as a Bildungsroman that takes on the form of the traumatic healing process.


How to Cite: Vanlancker, L. (2014) “De Night-trilogie: trauma en de problematiek van representatie”, Handelingen - Koninklijke Zuid-Nederlandse maatschappij voor taal- en letterkunde en geschiedenis. 68(0). doi: