Islam en "Heimat" in SAID's 'Ich und der Islam' en 'Das Niemandsland ist unseres'



The article investigates two semi-autobiographic texts by the Iranian-German writer
SAID, 'Das Niemandsland ist unseres. West-östliche Betrachtungen' and 'Ich und der
Islam'. The article focuses on the relationship between Heimat and islam against the
background of SAID's exile experience. The writer reflects upon the way language creates
a safe space and functions as a new Heimat. SAID also defends islam as a spiritual
religion, but rejects it in the form of a state ideology. In addition to that, he compares
islam with the art of poetry and understand both as sources of religiosity.


How to Cite: El-Kaddouri, W. (2015) “Islam en "Heimat" in SAID's 'Ich und der Islam' en 'Das Niemandsland ist unseres'”, Handelingen - Koninklijke Zuid-Nederlandse maatschappij voor taal- en letterkunde en geschiedenis. 69(0). doi: