Meertaligheid in Brussel

  • Kaat Delrue
  • Marc Verlot


This article gives the most important results of the research concerning
the use of languages at home and at school by children of the Dutch
primary schools in Brussels. This research was conducted in the framework
of a larger European research project, Multilingual Cities, on the
initiative of Prof. Dr. G. Extra (Catholic University of Tilburg). In six
different European cities (The Hague, Madrid, Lyon, Göteborg, Hamburg
and Brussels) the same questionnaire was used. The research in
Brussels was conducted by the Centre of Intercultural Education (Ghent
Although Brussels is officially a bilingual region, with two linguistically
separated school systems, it seems no longer appropriate to take
this official framework as the sole starting point if we want to come to
grips with the social and cultural reality. In fact the rationale of the research
project was to go beyond existing ways of framing the Brussels
educational situation and to find out what is actually going on ‘on the
grounds’, simply by looking what the linguistic background and proficiency
of pupils is.

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Published on
08 Feb 2002
Peer Reviewed