“Ik ben van Luxembourg”



Beware of rhetoric when the word “Europe” pops up. Europe does
not exist. Paris and Rome do. Europe is Robespierre and Francis of Assisi,
a Jesuit college and the First World War. If Europe means anything,
it is bound to be this juxtaposition of particular things, idiosyncratic
codes and traditions. And languages. Indeed, how does one keep one’s
footing in the European Babel? Latin and French have had their momentum.
Today English rules. Let's be clear about the issue: English is
necessary, but will never be sufficient. We are doomed to accept pluriformity
of idioms, linguistic confusion and their benefits. We are condemned
to live by our own language when it really comes to the crunch.


How to Cite: Devoldere, L. (2002) ““Ik ben van Luxembourg””, Handelingen - Koninklijke Zuid-Nederlandse maatschappij voor taal- en letterkunde en geschiedenis. 56(0). doi: