• Volume 1 • 2016

    Volume 1 • 2016


The birth of a new journal for environmental history: Introduction by the editorial board 

Erik Thoen, Liesbeth van de Grift, Erwin Karel, Isabelle Parmentier, Tim Soens and Donald Weber

2016-01-17 Volume 1 • 2016


All we are is dust in the wind: The social causes of a "subculture of coping" in the late medieval coversand belt 

Maïka De Keyzer

2016-01-17 Volume 1 • 2016

Belgian botany in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries: From plant hunting to nascent nature conservation 

Ivan Hoste and Denis Diagre-Vanderpelen

2016-01-17 Volume 1 • 2016

Animals as instruments: Of Norwegian imperial authoriy in the interwar Arctic 

Peder Roberts and Dolly Jorgensen

2016-01-17 Volume 1 • 2016

City meets Country: Recycling ideas and realities on German sewage farms 

Frank Uekötter

2016-01-17 Volume 1 • 2016