JHES-Journal for the History of Environment and Society

JHES-Journal for the History of Environment and Society is an open access journal that welcomes submissions on articles concerning environmental history. In its approach to environmental history JHES privileges comparative approaches as well as societal contextualisation. By looking at well-defined historical configurations of human actors and natural “actants”, bound together by social, economic and power relations, and interacting through technologies, institutions, perceptions and representations, we hope to foster our understanding of environmental history.

JHES-Journal for the History of Environment and Society is an independent journal with a double-blind reviewing policy. JHES is published in collaboration with Brepols Publishers and can be obtained both online and in print. Online available in golden open access at Brepols Publishers Online.

  • Volume 7 • 2022

    Volume 7 • 2022


Editorial to Volume 7 

JHES Editorial Board

2022-12-31 Volume 7 • 2022


Globalising Animals: Histories for the Anthropocene 

Raf De Bont

2022-12-31 Volume 7 • 2022

The Encroaching Dunes of the Portuguese Coast: A Geohistorical Perspective 

Mihaela Tudor, Ana Ramos-Pereira and Joana Gaspar de Freitas

2022-12-31 Volume 7 • 2022

Cannot See the Wood for the Trees? Arnold von Harff’s Perception of the Natural World along the Mediterranean Roads (1496-1498) 

Cécile Bruyet

2022-12-31 Volume 7 • 2022

Environment and Sovereignty in the Antarctic: The Terre Adélie Airstrip 

Janet Martin-Nielsen

2022-12-31 Volume 7 • 2022

Augmented Regimes: Italian Political Environments between Liberalism and Fascism (1860s-1930s) 

Roberta Biasillo

2022-12-31 Volume 7 • 2022