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P028_0659_ A cell-based smoothed discrete shear gap using triangular elements for free vibration analyses of plain-woven fabric

Q.T. Nguyen and Fernando B. N. Ferreira

2019-09-04 2019 • Autex • 3

P035_0688_ Fashion design as a discipline in onsite and online learning environments.

Graça Guedes and Andreana Buest

2019-09-04 2019 • Autex • 3

P013_0486_ Interactive fiberbased material approaches for smart textile structures

Henriette Probst, Felix Lohse, Johannes Mersch, Rico Hickmann, Andreas Nocke and Chokri Cherif

2019-09-04 2019 • Autex • 3

P011_0231_ Study on the effect of frieze process on physical and crimp properties of BCF polypropylene yarn

Sima Rahimzadeh, Saeed Sheikhzadeh Najar and Seyed Mohammad Etrati

2019-09-04 2019 • Autex • 4

P020_0254_ Cotton and wool dyeing with Bixin and Norbixin: extracted by atomization and dynamic annatto maceration.

Marilés Bonet-Aracil, Elmer Arturo Carvajal, P. Díaz-García, E. Bou-Belda, Miguel Ángel Meneses, Diego Marcelo Narváez and Vanessa Liseth Fuertes

2019-09-04 2019 • Autex • 3

P029_0066_ Silicon nanofibers used as anode materials for lithium ion batteries

Jie Shan and Paul Kiekens

2019-09-04 2019 • Autex • 2

P025_0050_ The influence of assemblies on the performance of knitted materials intended for sportswear

Gerda Mikalauskaitė and Virginija Daukantienė

2019-09-04 2019 • Autex • 3

P014_0590_ Development and testing of self-lubricating composite foil for bearings

Martin Chvojka, V. Hlaváček, J. Melichar and M. Mészáros

2019-09-04 2019 • Autex • 3

P023_0261_ Analysis of the thermal comfort properties and FIR infrared emission characteristics of ceramic nanofillers imbedded fabrics

Ashik Md Faisal, Fabien Salaün, Stéphane Giraud, Ada Ferri, Yan Chen and Lichuan Wang

2019-09-04 2019 • Autex • 3

P026_0425_ Results of the SHAPE project

Benny Malengier, Simona Vasile, Joris Cools, Frank Deruyck, Yetanawork Wubneh Teyeme and Lieva Van Langenhove

2019-09-04 2019 • Autex • 3