Wearable technologies & smart materials


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A textile integrated antenna made of a dipole and split ring resonators (SRR) produced by embroidery is under consideration. A size reduction of the antenna was achieved by means of a resonance of the SRRs and connection loss was lessened by using a copper wire for the dipole. Embroidery for SRR fabrication with metallic yarn was studied in order to achieve a minimal distance between concentric rings, and an antenna was designed and produced. The manufactured antenna showed a double band operation at 1.8 and 2.2 GHz with a measured gain of 0 and -3.1 dBi, respectively.

Keywords: textile antenna, body-worn antenna, metamaterial antenna, split ring resonator, embroidery

How to Cite: Hao, J. , Leblanc, A. , Burgnies, L. , Djouadi, A. , Tao, X. , Cochrane, C. , Rault, F. , Koncar, V. & Lheurette, É. (2019) “3A3_0443_ EMBROIDERED SPLIT RING RESONATOR ANTENNA”, Proceedings of the 19th World Textile Conference - Autex 2019.(0). doi: https://doi.org/10.21825/autex.63834