Wearable technologies & smart materials


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Within this research a smart textile based light sensor was developed and integrated into a technical demonstrator of a remote identification system. This sensor is based on polymeric optical fibers (POFs) which contain fluorescent dopants and allows a remote detection using an optical laser pulse for identification. A possible use case for this system is remote identification to avoid “friendly fire” incidents. The smart textile sensor can be integrated with a very low footprint in protective textiles or other equipment of the individual. Besides defense applications, the system could also be adopted for applications in which a safe, secure and fast remote identification is needed.

Keywords: smart textiles, optical fibers, protective woven fabrics, fiber based sensors

How to Cite: Kuhlmann, J. , Groeneveld, R. , Van Rees, H. , Timmerman, L. , Ebberink, G. , Timmermans, M. , Bottenberg, E. & Mahy, J. (2019) “3B3_0164_ SMART TEXTILE BASED REMOTE IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM”, Proceedings of the 19th World Textile Conference - Autex 2019.(0). doi: https://doi.org/10.21825/autex.63830