Nanotechnology and graphene


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Supercapacitors have been widely used in many applications from hybrid vehicles to smartphones due to their fast charge-discharge rate and high cycling stability. Nevertheless, traditional bulky supercapacitors have not responded well to the needs of smart wearables. Fiber shaped materials pushed the state of art by promising lightweight, flexible and robust wearable energy storage components. In this study, pristine GO fibers were spun wet-spinning method and then coated by pyrrole (Py). Promoted by FeCl3, polymerization was completed and polypyrrole (PPy) coated GO fibers served as electrodes. This flexible PPy/GO fiber electrodes demonstrated a specific capacitance of 177.45 F/g.

Keywords: Graphene Oxide (GO), Supercapacitors, Cyclic Voltammetry (CV), Fiber Electrodes

How to Cite: Cakar, O. , Gumrukcu, S. , Top, A. , Sezer, E. , Ustamehmetoglu, B. , Toomey, A. , Cebeci, H. & Ozden-Yenigun, E. (2019) “1A3_0405_ GRAPHENE BASED FIBER SHAPED SUPERCAPACITORS”, Proceedings of the 19th World Textile Conference - Autex 2019.(0). doi: