Additive manufacturing / 3D-printing

P006_0240_ Designing clothes for wheelchair users featuring additive technologies

  • Marina A. Guseva
  • I.A. Petrosova
  • E.G. Andreeva
  • A.A. Bikbulatova


The article considers the principle  of inclusive product design for people with disabilities and the tasks of anthropometric research. It describes the general requirements for clothing for the disabled and contemporary methods for determining the dimensional features of their figures, which differ in atypical morphology of the structure. It also shows the process of digital design of rehabilitating foot bags.

Keywords: rehabilitation products, people with limited mobility, forming frame

How to Cite:

Guseva, M. & Petrosova, I. & Andreeva, E. & Bikbulatova, A., (2019) “P006_0240_ Designing clothes for wheelchair users featuring additive technologies”, Proceedings of the 19th World Textile Conference - Autex 2019 , p.3.



Published on
03 Sep 2019
Peer Reviewed