Biobased textiles

P021_0367_ The study of the molding capabilities of bacterial cellulose.

  • Igor Tyurin
  • V. Getmantseva
  • E. Andreeva
  • O. Kashcheev


The work is devoted to obtaining biodegradable non-woven cloths (films) based on bacterial cellulose, studying its mechanical and molding properties and studying the possibility of designing garments made on its basis. To obtain films of bacterial cellulose, a symbiotic culture was used, which was the result of the synthesis of acetic acid bacteria acetobacter xylinum and osmophilous yeast strains of schizosaccharomyces pombe.

Keywords: Bacterial cellulose, Biodesign, bioclothing, molding, dyeing

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Tyurin, I. & Getmantseva, V. & Andreeva, E. & Kashcheev, O., (2019) “P021_0367_ The study of the molding capabilities of bacterial cellulose.”, Proceedings of the 19th World Textile Conference - Autex 2019 , p.3.



Published on
04 Sep 2019
Peer Reviewed